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Join the Altus Community for a 40 Day Prayer Campaign beginning August 13, 2019 and ending September 21, 2019.

The Goal of the Jackson County Ministerial Alliance is to have 2000 people in Altus Praying for 40 Days for 40 specific and strategic things. Please join our mailing list to  sign up.

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Altus Prays Campaign

The Jackson County Ministerial Alliance and the Nehemiah Initiative will be sponsoring the Pray Around Altus Event on September 21. This will be the 5th year churches have gathered together as a community to pray in this fashion. This year we will be praying simultaneously at 27 different locations and then coming together to form a circle around the Jackson County Court House to pray for God's protection. provision and providence for our county and region. A few new things will be added this year: We are challenging the community to join other churches for a 40-Day Prayer Campaign. This will start on August 13 and end on September 21. More information will be released on this campaign as the date approaches. During the 40-Day Prayer Campaign, we will also have a physical presence in downtown Altus where people can come in to pray and/or to be prayed for. We are calling this location the Prayer Store. The location will be 218 North Main. We need the help of local churches and individuals with this. We need at least ten churches to help underwrite the expense at $100 per church and we need volunteers to help keep the store open a few hours each day. Senior adult groups, Sunday School classes, individuals, and pastors can all help by volunteering a few hours during the campaign

If you are interested in helping, please call Kevin Baker at 580-318-2211, Ben Partin at 505-603-5151 or Ruben Ybarra at 580-471-1033.